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“Nothing about us without us!” 

When was the last time people with power asked youth about how to run our schools or what would be the best things for our city?  People are quick to call us the “future leaders of tomorrow,” but youth have good ideas and solutions to address our community’s challenges TODAY! 

The Youth 4 Change Alliance (Y4C) is here to make sure that we, as youth, make our voices heard and have our ideas taken seriously.  Get connected with Y4C to help build youth power in Providence!


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Join the discussion...what do you think of the teacher firing?  Post your comments on the Y4C Blog here.


Free Minds Free People | 07.05

It's going to be great!  A concentrated taste of Providence with a movement in stepping towards social justice.  What does it mean for a mind to be free and how can a collective group of individuals fight for what's right?  Find out more at Free Minds Free People.


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Firing of Providence Teachers | 03.04

Last week Mayor Taveras sent termination letters to every Providence Public School teacher.  School closings will be announced next week. Why is this happening?  The city of Providence has a LARGE shortfall and the school department is feeling the cuts. There's been protest, anger

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Proposed H.S. Graduation Requirement Changes | 01.25

Hello, my name is Jocivel Adames, and I am a youth from Young Voices.

When I first heard about this proposal it startled me, but a the same
time I felt that it did not really affect me in any way, and felt a

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